Interns Anonymous needs YOU!

We are making a documentary and we want people to speak about their experiences of unpaid work.
Whether you interned for an MP, for a newspaper, a PR company, a charity… we want to hear from you.

We are going to make a short documentary, around 5-10 minutes long- with a view to developing a longer piece. We aim to combine research on internships, employment law and the current economic situation and make it all seem more real with interviews from interns and employers.
We have access to filming and editing equipment as well as experienced directors and documentary makers- we won’t waste your time and we will get your voice heard if you are willing to stick your head above the parapit.
If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of being filmed then we can record your voice, or have an actor read your answers to our questions.
With a new batch of graduates soon to be spat out into the working world, this issue is only going to become more relevant and we want to get people to hear about it in as many ways as possible. To do this, we need your help!
If you are interested in helping us, or have any suggestions EMAIL US at

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Interns Anonymous

We want this website to be a forum for interns to share their experiences and discuss the ethics of unpaid employment. Most importantly, we want this site to be a place where YOU can tell us your story.


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