Jobs, what jobs?

The website has a jobs section. 23 jobs are listed. Only one of them is paid.  This will be a great relief to the many out there trying to find work.

Are you a journalism graduate? Pink news is looking for a political reporter. Sadly its unpaid.

What about a biologist? Animal Defenders International is looking for a specialist in Biological Sciences to help them lobby against the use of animal experiments. The job would last for nine months, but without any payment.

The Index on Censorship, an organisation which promotes free expression, is looking for office support. Basic administration jobs fetch how much? Basic minimum wage at least? No – this is unpaid.

The Royal Academy of Engineers are seeking an events manager. They say the role would suit a recent graduate (who happens to have a giant debt to pay off). The position is unpaid.

What is the message being sent out to people who have worked for 3 or 4 years to get a decent qualification? Those who have trained as a journalist and incured loads of debt to do so? Don’t bother?

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