Guardian- Week 11: Diary of an intern …

The Guardian is publishing an intern’s diary every week:

In the interests of honesty the identity of the intern will not be revealed, nor will the paper be identified and any colleagues mentioned will have been renamed

The new head of content has begun after several of the paper’s more senior journalists deputising over the past few weeks. He’s wasted no time in stamping his authority on the place, although he’s worked for other papers in the group and everyone knows him quite well.

The bloke is also a very funny and outgoing kind of journalist, and I think he’s already made things a bit more relaxed around the place. His language is more than a bit colourful, although that doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve struck up a bit of a rapport with him as well so hopefully he’s going to become aware of my talents.

Podcast recording is a bit of a hotchpotch this week due to circumstances Ricky and I can’t control. Still, this week’s isn’t necessarily worse off content-wise, but we’ve run into some potential problems which have meant it’s not as good as the previous two.

A graduate on work experience has started pestering me a little bit. I tried to think back to what it was like for me when I’ve done similar placements, but to be honest this is really starting to grate. I’m all for being keen and enthusiastic but this person is doing my head-in with their constant querying.

Ricky agreed to give me yesterday off so that I could cover a local awards ceremony on video for the website today. I’m a bit bemused as to why I was sent on this, after all, there are about three or four others with significant video experience and this is a big, important job. It went on for quite a few hours, but I managed to have a decent conversation with a photographer during a break in proceedings. He was very supportive and friendly, so that certainly made me feel more valued.

The awards ceremony ended in the early hours, after which I had to return the equipment to HQ. Ricky kindly let me have an extra hour in bed to get some kind of rest before the day’s work.

However, I was then sent on another video assignment in the afternoon. This is the first time during the eleven weeks that I feel I’ve been taken advantage of. I’m not that good at this kind of task and due to the fact I’ve barely any experience, I was shattered from ‘going the extra mile’ as the editor politely told me at last night’s event, and yet I’m being sent out to do something no-one else could be bothered to take responsibility for.

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