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I almost didn’t post this up. It’s just that dull. The trouble is the Guardian is not going to publish a desensitized account of a journalism internship. The fact that you have begged for months to get a place, only to realise it probably wont get you anywhere in the long run. Almost as soon as I graduated I got a month at a national– thinking this was my ticket to any number of entry-level jobs. What an idiot.

The most helpful hacks – rather than just rebuffing my eagerness – told me to do an expensive post-grad course and then concentrate on getting more unpaid work. Somehow I didn’t expect it to be that hard. Uni career services should really spend more time explaining how tough reality is. Anyway, rant over. Here is the Guardian’s diary of an intern…

A group of university students came round for a tour this afternoon. There seemed to be quite a few of them, which I’m a bit mystified at. With so few opportunities available in journalism I’ve no idea why so many people are choosing to study the subject. Still, I’m in the same boat, I suppose so perhaps someone could’ve warned me of the dangers of entering such an industry.

Enjoyed today very much though, I’m getting into a routine of mapping out my week to make sure that everything goes smoothly. I’ve learnt that being organised is a massive part of the job.

Ricky’s relayed a few tales to me about incidents which happened before I started at the paper. When I first arrived I maybe didn’t understand why he was so unhappy with other members of staff and their embracing (or lack of) the digital side of things but I am beginning to see things differently.

He mentioned when he conducted an interview which went wrong not long after he joined the company, someone a bit more senior than him went straight to the editor to tell him, rather than having a quiet word about what happened, which doesn’t seem very fair.

It’s not as if everyone is constantly sniping or at each others’ throats but there is a definite reticence from some people to get more involved. Certain departments just seem to ’stick to their own’ as it were. How does this benefit the paper and website? It only keeps people divided and produces a poorer product.

 With those revelations coming out yesterday, I’ve definitely been a bit more wary about other people I’m in contact with in the office.

However, a couple of the sports guys have been over to discuss a few things and certainly made me feel a bit more comfortable when I work with them. Not sure at this stage if that’s because I get on so well with the editor and he’s persuading them to help more with the podcast and web side of things. I’ll just run with it for now, I’m in no position to be suspicious of how this breakthrough has come my way.

Did the first round of videos for a local charity awards night which will be held next month. The paper is the principle sponsor so it’s a fairly important job and something I need to get right. The first two nominees I met were fantastic and I think I’ll enjoy doing this as long as I keep progressing with the technical side of things.

In trying to be helpful when a reporter was attempting to get into Ricky’s computer (he’s had the day off), he immediately turned away when I enquired if I could be of assistance. The guy didn’t even look at me and just mumbled something. He’s been a bit frosty during my whole internship, and that put the stamp on it when he couldn’t even be civil to me.

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