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Intern Interview #1

We are unleashing a new feature on the website: the Interns Anonymous interview. Armed with a dictaphone and 10 minutes of spare time, we are interviewing past and present interns about their internship experiences. We kick off with an ex-headhunter who wanted a career-change in her mid-twenties. She turned to internships to get into the charity sector.  

IA: Where does this story start?

I chose to have a career change earlier this year. I was advised that the best way to get into other organisations - having worked for four years but with no actual qualification to show for it - was to do internships…I was in a unique position because being an headhunter, they were all with my clients.

IA: So they weren’t advertised?

No, none of them were advertised, I just knew somebody there and I normally worked with the person I knew, in their team

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Why public schools are likely to rule in 2010

Much talk at the moment of private schools and politics. With a huge proportion of David Cameron’s shadow cabinet old Etonians and half of the ‘A list’ independently educated, the social make-up of the next Government is likely to be very different (providing the Tories win).

So this got us thinking: is the cult of the intern a middle class/public school phenomena? What about a straw poll for readers of the site? Are you an intern and from a private school?

The Class of 2010 is a new report based on work by academics from Plymouth University. Their research suggests that relative to 1997, the number of new MPs from comprehensive schools will fall from 46% to about 30%.

The report’s authors talk about “a massive shift over the last 12 years towards the private and independent sector”, and also note that the share of new Labour MPs from private school backgrounds may double, from 7% in 1997 to 14%.

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One of the “lost generation”

A blogger for the Guardian describes how their internship led to a job

I cannot recommend the experience enough, particularly as it has since lead to a job offer with the same company and, perhaps more importantly, helped me to better understand what I want to be doing and where I want to be doing it.

My advice to anyone contemplating such a route, is to work out exactly what you are going to be doing before you start your placement — ask questions, do your research and don’t feel tied to anything you aren’t comfortable with just for the sake of ‘experience’. Make sure you know what you want and what you are getting yourself into.

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Who are you to judge, Snooty McSmugarse?

Everyone hates unemployed people. “Sponging off the state” you might hear them say, with their Marks and Spencer shopping bags filled with swanky dead animals you never knew were edible. “Lazy scum” scream others from their shiny hybrid Mercs. “The shit on the sole of society’s shoe” yells the conservative voter in the corner there, with his rich daddy who got him his first job in the big wide world and still buys his underwear for him.

Get over it, we’re not all that bad.

It’s not as if I’m unemployed through choice. I mean, I know it’s my fault, I picked a stupid university course to study, an overpriced city to live and study in and a rubbish trade to try and earn my living, that being the scabies-riddled shit heap world of journalism.

Plus, Jesus, didn’t I time it well? Let’s graduate in an economic crisis, the one time when magazines and publishers don’t want to take risks, when employers are downsizing and the only people getting jobs are old timers with cobwebs up their arses and significantly more substance on their hand-written, coffee stained CVs.

I’m not bitter - much. It’s just lame when people pass judgement without actually knowing how difficult the situation is. Some people have worked hard and done well, notably the more talented, well-organised and better connected females with much prettier faces, and the people who aren’t reserved, mumbling, pessimistic arseholes like yours truly.

So when employed friends or family give me stick for not being employed I tend to let it slide. Or force myself to realise they’re only trying to help, without realising all they’re actually doing is coming across as patronising little buggers. There’s not always a simple enough solution to people’s recommendations of “just get off your dirty arse and get a bloody job” …just what the hell do you think I’ve been trying to do all this time?

So what happens? You start doing unpaid internships where you’re sat in the corner of a poorly ventilated room, doing everyone else’s unwanted dirty work and watching them reap the rewards in the form of a monthly wage. It’s all in the name of experience, right? Yeah, sure, here’s a list of all the things I’ve ever learnt from internships and work experience placements:

1) Papercuts hurt like fuck

2) Hot water hurts like fuck

3) Spitting in your editor’s tea will make the days go faster*

4) Stealing is really, really fun and makes you feel A LOT better

Number two is actually a little harsh, as two of the internships I’ve done have actually been awesome (stand up Artrocker Magazine and Rocket PR – you guys are safe, this doesn’t apply to you, I’d never spit in your tea), but the rest of them, especially anything based anywhere around Oxford Street, you’re a bunch of goons.

The other thing that really grinds my gears (lame Family Guy reference, I’m just as bad as the rest of them, sorry) are people that work in the job centre. I thought it was the sensible option to go on the dole. I get £52 a week, which ain’t exactly helpful, but the people in there seem to think they’re the love child of Sir Alan Sugar and Simon Cowell.

Yes, this did actually happen

Yes, this did actually happen

Here’s an example; I was two minutes late for my last sign on – which I cunningly blamed on the Sittingbourne buses that plod along the roads like a bunch of dying raccoons who’ve accidently munched a few skag needles. And oh my, the looks I get walking in there. Waving through the groups of chav scum loitering by the door (you know, the types that still sniff glue and hold their ball sacks all day), the eyes given to me by coffee slurping ‘big shots’ in that building tear through my wirey frame like a flaming samurai sword slicing through a plastic bowl of piss.

My fellow job centre peoples

My fellow job centre peoples

It’s like they’re supposed to be big shots. They’ve got their jobs and we’re causing them some sort of inconvenience for not having jobs and requiring their help. They act like they shouldn’t have to be there. But wait, hang on, don’t they need us just as much as we need them? I mean, fuck, if there weren’t any jobless people there’d be no need for the job centres, so don’t look down on me like I’m causing you problems, arsewipe. I’m giving you work to do so you can feed your inbred children, so do your job and help find me a job rather than jabbering on to eachother about how you think you might be going through the menopause or some shit. Ah thank you!

Plus who are you to judge, Snooty McSmugarse? You work in a bloody job centre. I think that means a nice old ‘nuff said’ is in order.

So sod you lot. As soon as I get a job I’m posting a card through their letter box with some scribbles simply saying “cunts”, poorly scrawled with my own poo, of course.

Brad x

This article originally appeared on Brad’s blog and if you’re twitter inclined then follow him there.

Nick Clegg: 800,000 internships

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has said the temporary VAT cut should be ended immediately to pay for up to 800,000 young people to do work internships.

Funding internships, that sounds a novel idea. Perhaps he could implement that for his own party?

This is part of the Lib Dems policy paper: A Lifeboat for a Lost Generation. It’s actually pretty good.

Meanwhile Suzanne Moore writes:

Young people I know who have been trying to get fairly basic jobs in restaurants, pubs and shops have been told that no one wants to see their carefully presented CVs.

Applications for internships or work placements arrive in massive quantities. When people offering themselves for free cannot be employed – and here we are talking about kids from well-off families – we need to think again.

Is a Degree worth £20,000?

The Guardian writes:

“Up to 30,000 applicants could be turned away from universities this summer following a surge from mature students attempting to escape the recession.”

But given that a degree is now often not enough to get entry level graduate positions, is it really worth forking out £20,000 to pay your way through a university education?

Will a succession of internships be more beneficial? Sadly for those unable to find a university this summer, most internships only advertise for recent-graduates. Catch 22. Only those already indebted to the tune of thousands are allowed to undertake unpaid work for months and months.

Calling All Parliamentary Interns

Will you be attending any party conferences this autumn? is looking for interns from all political parties to help us expand our coverage of fringe events at party conferences.

If you are a competent writer and would like to be paid a competitive rate for short editorial articles, get in touch.

Contact for more information.

This is the kind of thing you will be writing about

This is the kind of thing you will be writing about is a parliamentary information and communication service, providing news and comment on policy issues. We aim to provide information which allows MPs, peers and researchers to carry out their work more effectively.

Worcester University develops new paid internship scheme

The Independent has published an article about Worcester University’s new paid internship scheme. Graduates get paid to do 4 days a week interning in a local business and spend the other day gaining a qualification in business. Good thinking from the Vice Chancellor David Green- he managed to channel money from various funds into this scheme, whilst the government are still umming and aaahhing- rather than acting. The scheme allows students to get work experience, an extra qualification and to avoid further…debt. 


Clever David Green- Vice Chancellor of Worcester Uni

Clever David Green- Vice Chancellor of Worcester Uni

An International Element: from Brussels, with love

In parallel with the ever-expanding internship business in London, the ‘stage’ and ‘stagiaires’ have become an institutional phenomenon in Brussels. The Commission takes on some 600 each semester, the Parliament several hundred more, and the countless lobbyist and consultative companies in the European capital live and breathe the intermittency of rolling internships. I am currently in my second.

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Jobs, what jobs?

The website has a jobs section. 23 jobs are listed. Only one of them is paid.  This will be a great relief to the many out there trying to find work.

Are you a journalism graduate? Pink news is looking for a political reporter. Sadly its unpaid.

What about a biologist? Animal Defenders International is looking for a specialist in Biological Sciences to help them lobby against the use of animal experiments. The job would last for nine months, but without any payment.

The Index on Censorship, an organisation which promotes free expression, is looking for office support. Basic administration jobs fetch how much? Basic minimum wage at least? No – this is unpaid.

The Royal Academy of Engineers are seeking an events manager. They say the role would suit a recent graduate (who happens to have a giant debt to pay off). The position is unpaid.

What is the message being sent out to people who have worked for 3 or 4 years to get a decent qualification? Those who have trained as a journalist and incured loads of debt to do so? Don’t bother?

Human Touch

Work experience and internships are not just about adding that bit of glamour to your CV, or networking your way into a cushy graduate job. The benefits of meeting new people because they might be nice – rather than they might offer you a job are completely bypassed in the panic to prove yourself in the job market.

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Indie: 49 per cent of firms say they will not hire students finishing courses this year

Almost half of British firms have no plans to hire any of the hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults who will join the jobs market in the next three months.

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