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Media interest in interns and Internships

Two bits of national press this week. Firstly, the BBC featured the issue of parliamentary internships on BBC Radio Five live and simultaneously on the BBC website. And today the Guardian have included an interview with my colleague Rosy in the Work section. Interestingly the journalist who wrote the article, Huma Qureshi, is an ex-intern herself, and got her job at the Guardian/Observer after a stint of unpaid work! The message is clear: it can happen!

Graduate jobs crisis is only going to get worse

A sobering article in the Times from Martin Birchall, a managing director of High Fliers Research and editor of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.

The plight of graduates has been making headlines since the start of the year. Predictions of the likely fate of those who left university this summer vary, but several estimates suggest that up to one in six new graduates will be unemployed. And that’s not to say that all of the remainder will find work — a third are expected to take refuge in further study or opt for a year out.

The recession has taken its toll on the graduate job market. About a fifth of entry-level vacancies — outside vocational areas such as teaching and medicine — have been cut during the past two years, taking graduate recruitment back to 2005 levels.

This may not sound particularly dramatic — the official graduate unemployment rate that year was a modest 7 per cent, about 15,000 individuals — but, in the four years since then, the student population has grown substantially, spurred on by the Government’s target for 50 per cent of school-leavers to go on to university. This means that an extra 40,000 graduates completed degrees this year, compared with 2005, turning a relatively modest downturn in graduate vacancies into a crisis for university-leavers.

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Work Experience and Graduate Unemployment on London News

Milburn Summary

Its absolutely fantastic that after banging on about this issue for months and months, I can turn on Radio 4 and hear a proper discussion taking place about internships in the modern work-place.

A PDF of Alan Milburn’s report is found below:

Milburn Report- Fair Access to the Professions

Milburn Report- Summary and Recommendations

Chapter 7 is entirely dedicated to internships.  Essentially the report tells us what we already know. The geographical and cost barriers to undertaking internships are mentioned, as is the variable quality of many internships themselves.

He concludes:

“Internships are accessible only to some when they should be open to all who have aptitude. Currently employers are missing out on talented people – and talented people are missing opportunities to progress. There are negative consequences for social mobility and for fair access to the professions. A radical change is needed. We propose ways of making internships more accessible, more transparent and more widely available to many more people. We do so in a way that is fair to employers as well as to interns. We welcome the good work that some professions are doing already and want to support others to follow – making the prospect of an internship a possibility for all.”

Follows, is a summary of the reports recommendations on internships:

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Graduate unemployment soaring like an eagle


Look at this eagle. See how it soars. Now imagine that the eagle is unemployment.

Look at this eagle. See how it soars. Now imagine that the eagle is unemployment.

Federation of Small Businesses tells Govt to create 5000 interns to help graduate unemployment

The Government has been urged to create 5,000 new internship placements in small businesses to tackle “soaring” graduate unemployment.

The Federation of Small Businesses said £3 million should be allocated to market and develop thousands of internships and jobs this year.

The move would save the Government £600 for each graduate on such a scheme as they would not be claiming any unemployment benefit, said the federation.

Chairman John Wright said: “Graduate unemployment is set to soar to unprecedented levels this year as businesses struggle to make ends meet and cut back on recruiting university leavers.

“In a graduate internship scheme, graduates can offer key skills to help businesses move forward while at the same time ensuring they are learning new skills and not unemployed at a crucial time in their careers.”

As  a graduate looking for work myself, the last thing I want is another bloody internship. Give me a proper job with proper pay and a proper future! 

From the Press Association. 

Indie: 49 per cent of firms say they will not hire students finishing courses this year

Almost half of British firms have no plans to hire any of the hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults who will join the jobs market in the next three months.

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